Claustrophic Families. Reading Queer/ly in Changing Contexts. In Conversation with Jenny Björklund

von Nordlitt. Skandinavistische Literaturforschung im Gespräch

nordlitt continues the mini-series on Queer Theory and literature with the help of Jenny Björklund, Uppsala University. We ask what queer literature and reading might mean in a time and place where gay and lesbian parenting has become normalized. Jenny guides us through a novel by Viktoria Myrén about a mother who abandons her children, making literary detours to Victoria Benedictsson, August Strindberg, Margareta Suber, and Sara Stridsberg. We learn about Sweden’s pro-natalist history and wonder if literary deaths can be read as acts of resistance. Last but not least, we emphasize the joy of co-writing and the importance of saying Yes!


(00:00:17)      Introduction Jenny Björklund
(00:00:28)      How Did Jenny Björklund End Up at the Intersection between Literary and Gender Studies?
(00:03:01)      Moving Towards Queer Studies from Gender Studies
(00:06:47)      What Happens to Queer When it Becomes Canonized?
(00:11:36)      The “Pro-Natalist Tradition” in Sweden 
(00:20:06)      Queerness in Literature and Reading 
(00:23:23)      Queer Reading and the Concept of Death
(00:33:54)      Paranoid and Reparative Reading
(00:38:00)      The Body and Figurations
(00:45:38)      Viktoria Myrén’s Novel I en familj finns inga fiender (There Are No Enemies in a Family)
(00:50:52)      Queer Aspects of the Novel
(00:58:26)      Marie as an Unreliable Narrator?
(01:03:02)      The Structure Failing the Individual
(01:06:15)      Leaving and Abandoning
(01:09:54)      Family Conflict as War?
(01:18:09)      Ambiguous Ending 
(01:28:19)      What Advice Would You Give Your Student-Self?


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