• 22.05.2019 - 24.05.2019
  • 🇸🇪 Schweden / Stockholm
  • Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism, Stockholm University
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LNC2019: International conference Languages, Nations, Cultures

The international conference Languages, Nations, Cultures: Pluricentric Languages in Context(s) explores the complex relationships that exist between languages, nations and cultures. In particular, it does so from the perspective of pluricentric languages; languages that have more than one national centre. While speakers from different nations may share a common language, they may display different cultural preferences and norm orientations, evident in divergent language use.

By exploring pluricentric languages in a variety of settings, ranging from the micro context of interaction and practical activities, to the macro context of societal institutions, the conference contributes to an increased understanding of the communicative challenges involved when speakers of different (national) varieties meet, despite being speakers of the same language. This is a relevant question not least at a time when both educational providers and business operators act more and more globally, across national boundaries.