• 24.10.2019 - 25.10.2019
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  • ISFAS/Skandinavistik der Universität zu Kiel und Institutionen för svenska språket der Universität Göteborg
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Constructions in the Nordics | Konstruktioner i Norden | Konstruksjoner i Norden

In recent decades, Construction Grammar (CxG) has developed into a firmly established, but also an increasingly multifaceted approach to the study and description of language. This includes not only different strands of CxG theory, but also a wide range of linguistic phenomena that are investigated from a constructionist perspective, including work on lexical and grammatical structures as well as language change, linguistic variation, language contact, and language acquisition and even various forms of application in the fields of language technology and language teaching.

CxG and related frameworks, such as Cognitive Grammar or usage-based linguistics in general, have also seen an increase in popularity in the Nordic countries as well as in studies on Nordic languages. While Nordic researchers participate regularly in international conferences, CxG events specifically related to the Nordics are rare, a theme session at the 2017 Svenskans beskrivning in Uppsala being a notable exception.

Aiming at giving the vibrant but somewhat scattered Nordic CxG community a platform to learn more about each other’s work and form new collaborations, Constructions in the Nordics is planned as a series of CxG workshops, starting out at Kiel University in 2019 and continuing at the University of Gothenburg in 2020. At these workshops, we want to gather both CxG researchers in the Nordic countries, regardless of what languages they are studying; and linguists applying constructionist approaches to any of the Nordic languages, regardless of where they are.

We welcome 30-minute presentations in English, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish. Please submit your abstracts (through EasyChair, max. 500 words including examples, excluding references) by June 3rd 2019.

We particularly want to encourage junior researchers within the field to participate in the workshop. We are therefore offering the opportunity for MA and PhD students to apply for two travel scholarships. To apply, send in a short description of your research project to s.hoeder(at)isfas(dot)uni-kiel.de.

Important dates:

– 3 June 2019: Abstract submission deadline
– 5 July 2019: Notification of acceptance
– 24/25 October 2019: Workshop in Kiel, Germany


– Steffen Höder, Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel
– Benjamin Lyngfelt, University of Gothenburg
– Julia Prentice, University of Gothenburg