• 20.06.2022 - 22.06.2022
  • 🇳🇴 Norwegen / Oslo
  • Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo; The Norwegian Association of Gender Research; The Nordic Association of Feminist and Gender Research
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NORA Conference 2022

Nordic feminist and gender research has gone through significant developments in its relatively short life. From Nordic Summer Schools and interdisciplinary research and teaching networks in the 1970s and 1980s, across the institutionalisation of women and gender studies in the 1990s, to the expansion into a wide range of subfields in the 2000s. These subfields are committed to diverging epistemic-ontological orientations, themes and political projects/visions, and express increasing perceptions of gender studies as trans- or post disciplinary. Nordic feminist and gender research develop in and through dialogues between different subfields and orientations.

Debates within Nordic feminist and gender research are shaped and influenced by empirical studies of lived experience as well as discussions and developments elsewhere in the world, not least from the UK and US. Yet they have particular characteristics shaped by the historical processes and societal particularities that characterise Nordic countries, such as the welfare state, and relatively egalitarian and culturally homogenous societies. This conference is committed to bringing Nordic feminist and gender researchers together, to create an intellectual space for situating and mapping the breadth and depth of Nordic feminist and gender research today, and for transnational and transdisciplinary dialogue. Building on and responding to debates from previous NORA conferences, it seeks to explore the potential of cooperation across internal differences, through open-ended dialogue in which divergencies of methodologies, theories and empirical contexts travel within and between sub-disciplinary collectives. The aim is to provide perspectives from the Nordic region on all levels of the research field, and to make these perspectives visible in the Nordic societies as well as the international research field.

We welcome conference session proposals that engage with past, current and emerging trends in feminist and gender studies, or thematic overviews of major theoretical perspectives and research fields. Sessions should combine international dialogues with materials, theory formations or topics of Nordic interest and relevance. Whether conceptual, theoretical, empirical or methodological, we encourage sessions that reflect on Nordic issues, discussions and research interests in relation to increasingly globalized academic subfields.