• 27.05.2020 - 29.05.2020
  • 🇩🇰 Dänemark / Kopenhagen
  • University of Copenhagen
  • zur Website

Scandinavian Multilateral Diplomacy: from the League of Nations to post-war IOs

Over the last hundred years, diplomacy has become increasingly nested in multiple IOs, from the League of Nations, via the United Nations and several economic and security organizations after the Second World War, to the European Union. This development has profoundly shaped how states do foreign politicsand, arguably, how they articulate their very interests. The impact has been particularly drastic for small states, such as the Scandinavian. Indeed, the bureaucratic professionalization of Scandinavian diplomacy was driven not only with the formalization of the modern state apparatus but found its shape and purpose within an expanding international and regional space. With the rise of international organizations, small states found new multilateral forums in which to articulate and pursue interests, alliances and brands.This workshop will explore how the ‘vertical’ transnational space between national foreign services and international organizations shaped Scandinavian multilateral diplomacy. Within this scope, the workshop, in particular, welcomes papers on:

  • Administrative reforms, codes of conducts and recruitment patterns of Scandinavian foreign services as part of a global circulation of knowledge, expertise and imaginations of efficiency, power and modernity
  • Patterns of exchange in personnel between Scandinavian foreign services and IOs
  • Specific transnational spaces of multilateral diplomacy, including cooperation between Scandinavian diplomats and foreign serviceswithin IOs
  • The roleof the Nordic model(s) in Scandinavian multilateral diplomacy
  • Critical examinations of the originandpromotion of the Scandinavian brand as global good Samaritans committed to peace, solidarity and human right