• 17.08.2022 - 19.08.2022
  • 🇫🇮 Finnland / Turku
  • Åbo Akademi University
  • zur Website

The 8th conference of the Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition

Welcome to the official website of the 8th International Conference of the Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition (SALC8). The theme of the conferene is “Language, Cognition, and Society”.

The main goal of SALC is to promote the study of the relationship between language and cognition both in the Nordic countries and more generally. This involves any type of research in which language is not treated in isolation, but as based on structures and processes of general cognition and social cognition, and as affecting such structures and processes. The conference is intended to be a forum for cooperation and exchange of ideas between disciplines, fields of study and theoretical frameworks for the study of language and cognition.

We invite presentations (theme sessions, oral presentations, and posters) on the following topics (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Language and culture
  • Discourse and cognition
  • Perception, cognition and language
  • Language acquisition and cognition
  • Language and cognitive development and evolution
  • Language and consciousness
  • Language and gesture
  • Language change and cognition
  • Linguistic typology and cognition
  • Multicultural communication and cognition
  • Neuro- and psycholinguistic approaches to language and cognition
  • Translation and cognition
    -Cognitive impairment and language use