• 17.02.2023
  • 🇳🇴 Norwegen / Oslo
  • CORE – Centre for Research on Gender Equality: A centre at Institute for Social Research
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The Gender Paradox in Academia: NORDICORE Closing Conference

The NORDICORE closing conference marks the end of our five-year Nordic Centre of Excellence, with presentations and discussions of key findings.

The aim of the NORDICORE – Nordic Centre for Research on Gender Equality in Research and Innovation has been to better understand and explain the problems associated with gender inequality and lack of diversity in academic careers, and how these might be solved.

NORDICORE researchers will present key findings from their projects with a range of topics, including:

  • Existing measures to promote equality, diversity, and gender balance at Nordic universities, with a focus on what works.
  • Challenges to work-life balance among doctorate holders inside and outside academia. Findings include reasons behind decisions to leave or remain in academia, especially the significance of work-family balance considerations.
  • Recruitment processes and gatekeeping in academia. A close look at how candidates are evaluated, ranked, and chosen, and how considerations of gender and diversity play a role in shaping standards of academic quality.
  • The significance of gender bias in academia for the slow progress towards gender balance in top academic positions.

Finally, the conference will be a venue for open reflections and discussions on the future of equality and diversity in academia in the Nordic region.