• 01.06.2022 - 03.06.2022
  • 🇪🇪 Estland / Tallinn
  • Estonian Maritime Museum, Tallinn
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The navies of the Baltic Sea Region during the Interwar Period: development of fleets, organizations and naval strategies 1918-1939

This conference aims to challenge the following gap in naval history: The Interwar Period proved to be an intriguing chapter in the history of Europe that saw the shifting of balance between Great Powers and simultaneously many new countries emerged from the former empires. This created a significant power vacuum in the Baltic Sea Region which provided suitable opportunities for the emergence of many small navies, that for the first time in history had to organize their independent naval concepts. So far naval historians have concentrated more on the subject of operational activities of WW I and WW II which is why the Baltic Sea navies from the 1920´s and 1930´s have received little attention.
The main goal for this conference is to bring together naval historians who are working with the naval developments of their respective countries. The conference will provide advantageous opportunities for historians to discuss their research with colleagues and possibly lay the foundation for future cooperation. Therefore, the conference will give a unique insight as how the navies of German, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Soviet Union, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland developed during the period of 1918-1939. It is also significant to have an expert insight as how the world´s dominant naval power, the United Kingdom viewed the condition of numerous naval forces located in the Baltic Sea.