• 07.11.2020 - 09.11.2020
  • 🇸🇪 Schweden / Stockholm
  • Heiko Droste / Kurt Villads Jensen, Department of History, Stockholm University
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The Stockholm Bloodbath 1520 – context and commemoration

On November 8 and 9 1520, almost 100 persons were executed on the Grand Market Square in central Stockholm. Bishops, nobles, and citizens were beheaded or hung and later burned. The ‚Stockholm Bloodbath‘ was executed under the authority of King Christian II, the ruler of the Kalmar Union. It resulted in a rebellion against him, which paved the way for a new dynasty and a new king of Sweden, Gustav Vasa.

The Bloodbath marks a decisive change in Swedish and Nordic history, which took place in one of the traditional turning periods in European history, the transition from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern period. Its understanding is therefore shaped both by notions of medieval rule and theology as well as early modern state-building processes and nation building.

We now extend a call for papers in order to discuss the Stockholm Bloodbath in its contemporary context as well as its commemoration. Possible topics include, but are not restricted to, the political, military, theological and social aspects of this event, studies on individual or institutional agents, on contemporary reactions in Scandinavia and internationally, and not the least the Bloodbath in modern teaching and public memory.
Presentations should be about 20 minutes long and given in English. The number of presenters will be limited to c. 20, who will have travel and accommodation fully covered by
the organizers. The conference is open for everybody to attend.