• 09.02.2023 - 10.02.2023
  • 🇫🇮 Finnland / Vaasa
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VAKKI Symposium 2023

VAKKI Communication Research Association arranges a Symposium on February 9–10, 2023 under the theme of Communicating with Purpose.

In the contemporary hybrid and fast-paced communication environment, both communication professionals and diverse publics are increasingly searching for purpose and meaning. A sense of purpose can be created through value-driven communication, social influence, communality and participation, as well as affective and experiential aspects of communication. In the so-called ‘post-truth’ era, the significance of fact-based and trustworthy communication is also highlighted. At the same time, emerging hybrid forms of communication, for example at the intersections of politics, marketing, and social media, are under scrutiny and often criticized as misleading, superficial or meaningless.

We welcome you to discuss questions of purpose and meaning in communication in the symposium held in February. The symposium’s keynote speakers are:

  • Oana Brindusa Albu (Copenhagen Business School)
  • Anastasia Kavada (University of Westminster)

We invite proposals for section presentations and workshops that consider the purpose of communication for example in the following contexts:

  • Science communication and environmental communication
  • Organizational and leadership communication
  • Business communication and economic discourses
  • Societal communication and political publicity
  • Media and journalism
  • Research and education of communication and language studies
  • Social media cultures
  • Accessibility, inclusivity and diversity
  • Human-technology interaction

Please submit your section presentation abstract (max. 300 words excluding references) to symposium[at]vakki.net as an attachment (in rtf or doc format) by December 12, 2022. Please state in the message the names, e-mail addresses and affiliations of all the contributors. The papers will be selected based on the scientific quality of the abstract. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by December 19, 2022. The abstracts can be written in Finnish, Swedish, English, or German. The final presentation should be in the same language as the abstract. The presentations will take place onsite in Vaasa.